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2021: The Building Phase

As a member of 180DC UQ for the past few years, I've had the opportunity to see our branch grow - from a mostly unheard of club that let you work with local charities, to a well-recognised organisation at university that has given students like myself the opportunity to work on incredible projects with clients across the globe.

2020 was an important building phase for us; we welcomed Monitor Deloitte as our primary sponsor, added a new range of events for students to learn about consulting, and finished the year with the award for best project across 150+ branches of 180DC globally. This isn't to say 2020 was without challenges, as I'm sure is said by every person about last year. We ran most of our events through Zoom, and ran projects completely online. We adapted well to the evolving climate and ensured we were still able to deliver meaningful work to clients who were in even more need for support due to COVID.

The building phase continues in 2021. A range of new events are planned to connect us further to the student community and help provide our services to more organisations and charities. With the development of this website, we are making it known that we are more than a student organisation, we provide professional consulting services at a fraction of typical costs, whilst developing students into professionals who can look beyond profit margins.

If you're wanting to work with us; whether as a budding consultant or as an organisation needing professional consulting work, make sure you stay tuned as 2021 will be an important year for us!

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