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Fundraising and Revenue Generation

Product Offering Analysis

Donors and grants provide enough income to support many organisations, but this is usually inconsistent and becomes difficult to rely on. Non profit organisations are businesses, and you need to have core products to diversify your revenue and be financially stable. Many organisations find benefits in consistent income and cash flow with developing products or services that can be monetised. This can be in the form of merchandising, selling goods related to your mission, or providing services to those unrelated to your mission. Monetising products and services can provide funds critical to further your mission, whilst ensuring what your earn is ethically sourced. 180DC provides an in depth analysis of your organisation's current offerings, and aims to provide new sources of income to improve financial stability. 

To ensure your organisation is financially stable, our team will:

  • Analyse the current product offerings;

  • Identify and review income sources tailored to your organisation's mission statement; and

  • Recommend new income sources and provide actionable processes to implement.


Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising is a primary source of income for many organisations and charities. It improves brand recognition, and creates a community that generates volunteers and donors. For organisations, planning events that consistently provide value is a difficult task, which is where 180DC is well positioned to help. Our team has experience in developing a suite of events tailored to your organisation, that highlight the mission statement and target the right demographics. We map your current event cycle, fine tune the existing events, and look for gaps to create a well balanced calendar. 

To help your fundraising strategy, our team will:

  • Understand your organisation's mission and current offerings;

  • Fine tune current events, and create new events to fulfill your organisation's calendar; and

  • Develop systems to reduce workload for future event planning.

Strategic Partnerships & Grants

Partnerships and grants are the most simple way to grow your organisation, but it requires knowledge, strategy and effective communication to obtain them. Synergies exist within organisations, such as charities who fund medical research and those who provide healthcare services. Unlocking the potential of strategic partnerships can open your organisation to far greater reach, access to resources, and new sources of revenue. 180DC knows how to analyse markets in a similar sphere to identify organisations and businesses that support the vision of your organisation.

Grants provide organisations a valuable source of income; however, identifying and completing these can be difficult, and obtaining the maximum possible value from grants is only achievable with a strong plan. Our team would typically use social impact measurement to quantify the impact your organisation makes. With demonstrable evidence to the impact your team makes, our consultants can leverage this to receive more funding and allow your organisation to expand. 

To find appropriate partnerships and grants, our team will:

  • Understand current strategic partnerships and grants your organisation possesses;

  • Identify organisations with similar values and complementary skills sets; and

  • Find appropriate grants and prioritise on chance of success and revenue potential.

Product Offering Analysis
Fundraising Strategy
Strategic Partnerships & Grants
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