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Marketing and Engagement 

Marketing Strategy

A robust marketing plan is the foundation of any organisations that wishes to be successful. Beyond looking at how to advertise, it is an essential tool that helps to understand your organisation, your competitors, and the broader market forces. Our team has developed a wholistic marketing strategy service that allows your organisation to track its goals and see its objectives to ensure your mission is being heard. Creating a marketing strategy will position your organisation to be heard by the right volunteers, donors, and people in need. 

To create a marketing strategy for your organisation, our team will:

  • Identify your target market and how your mission impacts them;

  • Use 180DC market analysis and competitor analysis strategies to position your organisation; and

  • Develop a marketing framework to execute advertisements, branding, and communications.

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Online Presence

For growth, online presence is the most critical element to an organisation. Without it, you cannot connect with volunteers and donors that are critical to your mission. We all wish we had the resources to commit volunteers to managing social media accounts and website updates, but with the correct systems in place this process is manageable with even the smallest team. Our consultants use a gap analysis tool to review your current online presence, and identify information your audience needs so you can expand your reach. With the findings of this tool. systems can be implemented that ensure any deficiencies are remedied for even the most time poor organisation.

To improve your online presence, our team will:

  • Construct a plan to align your organisation's goals with the goals of a website and social media accounts;

  • Perform a gap analysis on your existing website and social media accounts; and

  • Develop systems to address deficiencies from the gap analysis.

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Stakeholder Engagement

To be successful, organisations above all else must be brilliant at stakeholder management, whether this be in recruitment of volunteers, retention of repeated donors, or any other persons involved in the success of your organisation. To ensure there are no deficiencies in the engagement each stakeholder has to your organisation, 180DC provides journey mapping to study, evaluate and optimise engagement. 

Journey mapping is a review of how each of your stakeholders interacts with your organisation. Are potential volunteers able to connect with you and gain experience? Are donors able to access enough information to know where there money is going? Do you have partnerships with other organisations, businesses, or government that are operating in their fullest capacity?

To improve your stakeholder management, our team will:

  • Develop a model to review and determine critical stakeholders;

  • Map the interaction of each critical stakeholder to your organisation; and

  • Provide recommendations to improve any unsatisfactory interactions.

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