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Recruitment Process

We recruit for consultants twice every year:

  • Sessions run at the end of February for Semester 1

  • Sessions run at the end of July for Semester 2

At the beginning of February and July, you will be able to access the application portal, where we require basic study details, your resume, and and why you are interested in our organisation. Events for our two recruitment sessions will be posted on our Facebook page, however if you cannot attend either session please either message the Facebook page or use the contact page and arrangements will be made to ensure you can apply. 

Our recruitment sessions are designed to test how you think, and more importantly how you work in a team. As we are all students, a knowledge of consulting is not a prerequisite, but we want to know you can think creatively and with others to develop innovative solutions. 

On the day, we will place you with a group of other applicants and provide you a case study to develop three solutions for. After an hour, we will have each group present their ideas to the rest of the applicants to mimic a presentation we would deliver to our clients. 

Applicants may be contacted by phone to determine their fit to a project by a Consulting Director. Successful applicants will be notified via email. 

What do our consultants do?

A lot. 180 Degrees Consulting is akin to completing a fifth course each semester, however we believe it is the most rewarding course you will complete while at university. After recruitment, we hold welcome drinks for all consultants with our primary sponsor, to give each consultant a chance to meet their team members, as well as those on other projects, the executive, and industry consultants. Once projects begin, each week a team meeting is held and tasks are allocated for the week. This can either be research, writing, brainstorming or presentation preparation.

Outside of our project work, consultants enjoy the same benefits as all 180DC members to access workshops and other events run by our sponsors. Events such as Consulting 101 provide an introduction to thinking like a consultant, with effective problem solving strategies that can assist in any field of work, including university assignments. 

Finally, projects are concluded before study period (SWOTVAC), typically with a presentation to the client. This is a fantastic opportunity for our consultants to showcase the work they have delivered that provides a real impact to both the client and those our clients help. If this sounds like an organisation you want to be a part of, join now!

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