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Operational Efficiency 

Project Management

Project management is a broad element of organisational strategy. At 180DC, we understand that ideas and visions require meticulous planning and coordination to come to fruition. Initially, a business case is created to scope the project and outline your organisation's goals. Next, our consultants apply a tailored methodology and approach to define success and understand what needs to be considered for each individual need. After project deliverable's have been met, our team believes project closure is important, to unpack lessons learned and understand realised benefits.

To effectively manage your organisation's next project, our team will:

  • Work collaboratively to develop a feasible business plan;

  • Develop project charters, stakeholder plans, project plans and all management requirements; and

  • Produce project deliverable's, including conducting project closure workshops to discuss lessons learned.

Visual Project
Project Mangement
Wind turbine

Resource Allocation

If there is one issue organisations consistently see, it is an underweight workforce. Unless you can fill each role with full time volunteers, it is likely you'll find consistent issues in completing tasks, let alone dedicating resources to growth avenues. 180DC provides tailored services that analyse the supply and demand of workers, and look for avenues to improve efficiencies within the organisational structure. Our consultants understand the demands of resourcing that differ to for-profit businesses, and we look to improve efficiency in workload that makes sense for your organisation.

To improve your resourcing allocation, our team will:

  • Understand your organisation's capacity;

  • Refine and structure workload allocation using demand modelling; and

  • Provide recommendations to improve efficiency within your organisational structure.

Resource Allocation

Supply Chain

For-profit businesses operate with a series of contracts and systems that govern their supply chain. Critical importance is placed on ensuring those contracts are best positioned to provide maximum efficiency and savings for each business. This should be the same for your organisation and all other social enterprises. Without a thorough analysis of all supplier agreements, such as for merchandising or product sales, you could be needlessly spending money which could be redirected back into your organisation's mission. 

To improve your supply chains, our team will:

  • Understand your current business model and identify supply chains;

  • Map supply chains and look for inefficiencies; and

  • Find suppliers who can perform at lower costs and/or improve quality

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves
Supply Chain
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