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Market Entry and Growth Strategies 

Market Analysis

Understanding the market your organisation operates in is fundamental to growth. Without this, it would be impossible to know whether expansion into a new market or location is feasible, whether you could sell a new product, or whether you could partner with another organisation or business. 180DC understands that guaranteeing the financial success of growth is important, as diverting money away from fulfulling your mission needs to be justified. Our consultants understand the non profit sector and the markets that operate within it, and can help your organisation identify its position and where it can grow. 

To understand the market your organisation operates in, our team will:

  • Understand your organisation's target areas for growth and critical success factors;

  • Conduct market research to provide both qualitative and quantitative data; and

  • Provide a cost benefit analysis on each identified opportunity after market analysis.

ME&GS Market Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitive advantage is the cornerstone for marketing, growth and attracting a community. What sets your organisation apart from others is what makes donors choose to give their hard-earned dollar to your cause, or convince volunteers to commit their time to support your mission. Being able to accurately identify competitive advantage - as well as effectively use it - is where 180DC is positioned to help.

To identify your competitive advantage, our team will:

  • Identify competitors and create profiles;

  • Develop a competitive matrix to rank competitors on determined success factors; and

  • Use the competitive matrix to identify your organisation's competitive advantage. 

ME&GS Comp Analysis

Market Entry

To decide whether expansion into new markets is the correct choice, a cascade of choices must be followed. Our team will help you understand each step of the process, determining where to play and how to win, as well as appreciating the capabilities required and systems necessary to execute expansion. To begin, 180DC understands that each organisation operates differently, and that success is a measure dependent on each client's goals. An analysis of every potential expansion location and sector is conducted to determine whether expansion is feasible, before understanding what cost-value-benefit would ensure success. 

To determine whether a new market entry is feasible for your organisation, our team will:

  • Understand the goals of your organisation in expansion and what the metric of success is;

  • Evaluate the cascade of choices for the potential market entry; and

  • Provide recommendations to conclude whether market entry is feasible.

ME&GS Market Entry
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